Rekey Locks

Rekey Locks Langley

Is your office or home key stolen and you now are in quest of locksmiths available to swiftly rekey locks in Langley, British Columbia? There’s no reason to wait a minute longer. And there’s no point in taking risks with the quality of the lock rekey service either.

What you can do is reach out to Langley Locksmith. Tell us about your emergency or situation, overall. Request a quote. Ask our team to send an experienced locksmith to your place. Locks are rekeyed quickly and the job is done correctly while the cost of the service is more than reasonable.

Of course, you may need to rekey some locks because you are interested in using a master key system. Is that your case? No problem. Once again, make contact with our locksmith team. Let us send a pro to see what can be done at your property.

In search of a pro to urgently rekey locks in Langley?

No matter what you have in mind and what project you need, pros in Langley rekey locks as soon as you want the service. The whole job requires the removal of the existing pins found inside the lock. And changing the pin configuration. The purpose of rekeying is key change. That’s to have the same lock but a different key.

  •          This becomes crucial when the original key is intentionally taken. If it’s stolen. Or, if it’s accidentally found in many hands of strange people and you don’t want to take risks. Assuming that the locks are in good condition and can be rekeyed, the pros rekey them. By carrying key replacement products and the necessary tools, they do so as soon as possible to distance the risk of intrusion.

The locksmiths make the necessary changes – inside the lock, so that only the new key – they make – will fit – not the old one.

Need to have a master key for several locks? Talk to us

  •          Now, if your current intention is to rekey a few cabinet and door locks to just use one key, you can still count on our team. We are experienced with master key designs, simple and complicated. Allow us to send a locksmith to check the locks and see if they can be rekeyed. If that’s possible, they can rekey the locks and create a master key that will operate all these rekeyed locks. And so, if you are considering investing in key management, talk to us.

If you are ready to rekey locks, Langley locksmiths are at your service. Tell us if this is an emergency for you or how soon you want the service. We are ready to assist.